Big Jump Press
The souvenir is a focus of attention.The nut constitutes a piece of evidence about the past.The broken key has survived the passage of time.The cork is a shape used to represent something.The clothespin causes someone to remember something.The car is an expression of something elseThe stone is a material thing that can be seen and touched.The film is an indication of something elseThe pine cone is an object of venerationThe button is a piece of news or information.The Objects (b)The ButtonThe Button (detail)Census #2The Objects (a)The Objects (a) 
(Detail)Census #1Census #1 (detail)Census #1 (detail)You are what you are made ofYou are part of something larger than yourselfYou are what you stand onYou are what you makeYou are what is similar to youYou are where you came fromYou areYou are what you make (part II)You are (2)Untitled (a)Untitled (a) 
(detail)Untitled (b)Untitled (b) 
(detail)UntitledUntitled (detail)UntitledPeriodic (1) Periodic (1) (detail)Periodic #2Periodic #2 (detail)
I produce prints in combination with book projects. These prints are primarily letterpress printed and usually include text. Please click on the thumbnails for more information.