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Shift in Position
Shift in Position

This book was printed in an edition of 20 as one fifth of a collaborative book project with Shift-lab. Each artist created a small book of identical dimensions as well as a print to reflect a shift in perspective. Displayed together at the San Francisco Center for the Book in 2014, the pieces speak of the visual dialogue that occurs between large and small, between print and book,between wall and bookshelf.

My take on shift: a shifting body during a restless night. The arrangement and rearrangement of a set of panels echoes the kind of repetitive half-dreaming that comes to me during periods of sleeplessness. The imagery in the book and the print comes
directly from photographs of my body moving. The language, when read in different orientations, speaks about ways that we move and change without awareness.

Letterpress printed from polymer plates in an edition of 20 copies.