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Figure Study
Figure Study

This book from Big Jump Press enables a quick and compelling comparison of population data for every region on earth. This project, completed in 2015, is a collaboration with David Allen, a biology professor at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Using data from the us Census Bureau’s International Data Base, we created population pyramids for every region on earth and paired them at the peak to create human-like forms. This imagery, printed on drafting film from linoleum, can be layered by the viewer and interpreted using a grid and accompanying booklet. The vast and critical differences between the basic equations of life in different parts of the world are starkly revealed by comparing one shape onto another.

watch a handling video here.

Figure Study has been letterpress printed on drafting film and Arches Velin Blanc and housed in a specially designed, hand-bound enclosure. Produced in an edition of 35.

(out of print)