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Listen Out For a Bell Which Rings Continuously
Listen Out For a Bell Which Rings Continuously

Listen Out for a Bell Which Rings Continuously was produced as a part of Trace, a Shift-lab project.

The largest marina in Europe, a strange space between land and sea. I immersed myself for months in the quiet rhythm of the place, and later revisited through newspaper clippings, promotional materials and public notices dating to its design and construction in the 60’s and 70’s. Printed using chalk from the surrounding cliffs.

Letterpress-printed from linoleum, polymer, and metal type on Mulberry paper in an edition of 30.

This Shift-lab Collaboration explores the technology and aesthetics of mapping while responding to the traces of human activity left on the landscape. Individually, we investigated: an arsenal, a quarry, a marina, a walking path, and a ski resort. Our sensory experiences navigating a landscape in real time are reinterpreted through symbols, sequences, and sounds in the exhibition.