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I Have Set My Hand Against The Tide
I Have Set My Hand Against The Tide
Relief Print and Letterpress
12 x 18"

I have set my hand against the tide is a debris field of patent drawings for floodgates, water pumps, caissons, and levees; all mechanisms designed to keep the water out. The title is adapted from United States Patent No. 123,002, a caisson design proposed by James B. Eads in 1872. At first a project about the rising sea, this print evolved during a pandemic year. A caisson is a watertight chamber and a workspace safe from outside forces. A floodgate is a mechanism of control over the flow of the tide and a last restraint against an external threat.

Produced in an edition of 22 as part of an international print exchange titled "Tidal Timespace" organized by Heather Green, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University, Herberger Institute School of Art.