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Fairmont Color Card
Fairmont Color Card

Fairmont Color Card is an exploration of the roles of textile, color, and fashion in the origin story of landfill culture. Text for the project was culled from 1977-1978 Home Furnishing Color Card, produced by The Color Association of the United States, Inc. and The Wastemakers, written by Vance Packard in 1960. Designed and produced between 2019 and 2021, the project began in one place and ended in another.

After losing access to a print shop in 2020, I sought new ways to bring the project forward. I looked to my own surroundings with the goal of finishing the project with what was around me. As a result, this project was made from paper offcuts, old clothes, and worn out sheets.

This project was made possible by a small grant from the Office of Research and Economic Development at The University of Alabama. Research on Color Cards was conducted at Yale University Birren Collection of Books on Color in 2019.

Letterpress printed from handset Bembo type.
Dimensions in inches : 9 x 3 x 1”
Edition of 20 copies

Available to order
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